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Leslie Camacho

Full Stack Business Guy

"Experienced startup engineers are looking for a full-stack Business Guy to be CEO, COO, PM, marketer, account manager, HR, and receptionist."

"Full-stack Business Guy." That's me in 23 characters. I was the third employee at a software company and ended up being the CEO. It was an amazing privilege to see success and serve an amazing team. Along the way I’ve helped hundreds of web agencies (both software and services) grow along with me. Turns out, this is my life’s work: to make agencies successful while keeping the owner sane and healthy through the tough times. My speciality is mentoring owners through early, often painful growth transitions where a broad set of business skills are needed to help an agency plan and execute a growth strategy.

I join your team, work side by side with you in the project/product management, sales, and customer support, and help transform those areas into understandable, repeatable processes that can be hired for or easily handled by the existing team. I do my best to understand and integrate who you are, what you do, and the value you give to your clients, so that the solutions we put in place honor and champion your agency from top to bottom.

If you’re going through growing pains and need help, please get in touch. You can succeed in business and keep your life intact and healthy in the process. I can help.

Leslie Camacho, Glimmering LLC

Full Stack Services to help you survive and thrive transitions (aka growing pains):

Leslie wants you to succeed more than anything else–if you've worked with him before, you know exactly what I'm talking about. His experience is as broad as it is deep across all aspects of the web. Leslie's biggest strength, however, is his ability to effectively communicate to everyone from a developer to a designer, to a client and a CEO.

Noah Stokes
Founder/Partner, Bold
Leslie is one of the few people who might want to see me succeed more than I do. He brings to the table a combination of passion, enthusiasm, and experience that I haven't seen before. It's hard to put a value on what he delivers.

Erik Reagan
Co-Founder, Focus Lab
I've spent quite a bit of time with Les and I'm always struck by his ability to cut through all the stuff I thought was important and zero in on what really matters. It's an amazing gift. It's rare that someone can approach problems from a business and personal perspective, but Leslie jumps from one to the other seamlessly. And this is so important because the two are deeply intertwined, even when we pretend like they're not.

Jonathan Longnecker
Partner, FortySeven Media
Leslie provided College Track with incredible support so we were able to launch a new website that reflected our refreshed brand image and the organization's mission. His work was high quality and done in a timely manner. I felt supported throughout the process and we were thrilled with the final outcome of our site!

Camille Merritt
Director of Marketing & Evaluation, College Track
Leslie taught me an important lesson about managing clients that I will never forget.

Paul DiGiovanni
Sales Director, Giles-Parscale
I've come to know Les over the last couple of years as someone with tremendous professional skill and pride in his work, as well as a good friend who constantly demonstrates a deep love for people. I've personally benefited numerous times from his wise advice on matters both personal and professional. He cares. Deeply. And it shows.

Matt Blackwell
Operations Consultant
Leslie Camacho is a real leader. Not just in business but also in his community and vast network of professional contacts. He has helped me navigate several business decisions and even more important life decisions during the last several years. I am blessed to know him as a friend, mentor and fellow entrepreneur.

Jeff Griswold
President, Merit Wealth Management, LLC
Leslie cares. In all of my experiences with him, it was clear that he cared about what he was working on and the success of the people he worked with and supported. He has an obvious passion for helping people succeed and has wisely focused on that for the time that I have known him.

Matt Weinberg
President and Co-founder, Vector Media Group
One thing that stands out with Leslie is his sincere desire to help others succeed. I've always appreciated the way he can look for the win/win in business situations, often with creative results. This, paired with his communication and professionalism make him a valuable asset for any small to medium-sized business.

Ryan Battles
Growth Engineer, Harpoon
It's amazing how effectively Leslie is able to integrate himself into any team — not just as a consultant, but as a true partner. His guidance to me has been deeply inspired and immediately actionable... not to mention, profitable.

Michael Rog
Freelance Developer/Designer
Sure, Leslie will will help you meet your business goals and he's damn good at it but, and maybe more importantly, he genuinely cares about you as an individual and wants you to succeed on a personal level.

Derek Nelson
Creative Lead, Bold
Les is a long-time friend. I've benefited from his compassion and clarity so many times I've lost count. If you're looking for someone to help turn your inner values into the driving force of your outer life, then Les is worth getting to know--both personally and professionally.

Marc A. Wagner, MD, MPH
Founder, Human Flourishing Online
Leslie is very patient, kind, and an expert at what he does. He has helped me with many small to large business growth problems from setting up my first Mac Book to redoing my business website and helping me plan my business strategy. He is the very best of the best, IMO.

Interior Design & Redecorating Owner
Leslie is very patient, kind, and an expert at what he does. He has helped me with many small to large business growth problems from setting up my first Mac Book to redoing my business website and helping me plan my business strategy. He is the very best of the best, IMO.

Interior Design & Redecorating Owner

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